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What phase are you in?

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Whether you’re working at Intel, transitioning to retirement, or already retired – Cordant’s intentional approach can support sound investment strategies and help you realize your financial goals, wherever you are in the wealth management lifecycle.

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At Intel

Focus on improving the performance of your investment portfolio and reduce unnecessary costs.

Cordant has over 10 years’ experience helping Intel employees reach their financial goals. Our team of wealth planning professionals can help you ascertain financial objectives, align them with your participation in company retirement programs and benefits, and integrate your internal and external assets to optimize your portfolio’s performance.

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In Transition

Build a custom retirement plan that leverages your existing assets and Intel benefits to give you confidence in your ability to retire.

The Cordant team has more than 10 years’ experience helping Intel employees navigate their transition to retirement. Our team will guide you in developing a tailored strategy that transitions your assets out of Intel’s corporate programs (your 401k, BrokerageLink®, Retirement Contribution and SERPLUS), that integrates these assets with the rest of your accounts, and that optimizes the performance of your portfolio for long-term financial success.

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In Retirement

Protect, use, and pass along your retirement wealth with balanced risk and return.

Preserving your wealth in retirement is no simple task, and requires an all-inclusive look at your existing resources. Cordant can help you improve your quality of life in retirement by optimizing the performance of your assets, balancing risk and return, and mitigating your tax responsibility – so you can look forward to continued prosperity throughout the rest of your lifetime and beyond.

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