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Cordant Wealth Partners - Financial Advisors in Portland, OR

Cordant helps Intel employees manage their wealth with strategy, direction,
and intention.

The Cordant Way

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Why Cordant?

Cordant provides you with an integrated, intentional approach to wealth management. We help you define your financial vision, navigate your options, and coordinate your resources – so you can move towards achieving your financial goals with confidence.

Our Approach

Wealth Management Lifecycle

Where are you?



Intel provides its employees with a good retirement plan, but with so many investment options that many people avoid making the choices needed to optimize the way their retirement accounts work for them. This eBook provides an easy-to-follow process that will help you make sense of the Intel investment options.  

After reading it you will: 
  • Understand the importance of setting an allocation that is right for you
  • Be able to discern between the actively managed and index funds offered
  • Know how to reduce the investment costs that can stifle your gains
  • Know what to look for when assessing fund performance.