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Cordant Wealth Partners - Financial Advisors in Portland, OR

Cordant helps you manage your wealth with strategy, direction,
and intention.

The Cordant Way

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Why Cordant?

Cordant provides you with an integrated, intentional approach to wealth management. We help you define your financial vision, navigate your options, and coordinate your resources – so you can move towards achieving your financial goals with confidence.

Our Approach

Wealth Management Lifecycle

Where are you?

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It can be hard to determine how healthcare costs affect retirement plans, but we can evaluate the risks and choose a plan that takes into account those risks. Our video will explain how you can make more informed decisions that lessen anxiety.

In Our Video, We Answer Your Questions:

•     Should health care costs dictate when you retire?
•     Under what circumstances should you purchase a Gold Plan? And how does it differ from the Silver Plan?
•     What if the worst-case scenario happened relative to health care costs?
•     And other pressing questions.