We deliver peace of mind.

Our Purpose

At Cordant, we believe that your wealth should be managed like a well-run business. That means laying out a strategic plan to achieve your goals, and empowering each and every decision with intention. That’s why the Cordant mission is “intention” – it’s the key driver behind our actions, and the core purpose of our business.

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Our Standards

We’ve adopted the highest legal standard of care, choosing to act as an unwavering fiduciary in the best and exclusive interest of our clients. In addition to being regulated by the SEC, Cordant has built additional transparency and safeguards to protect our clients.

  • Our approach significantly (and intentionally) mitigates conflicts of interest between Cordant and our clients.
  • We do not take custody of investor assets.
  • Third party integration provides consistent checks and balances for our activities.
  • Our team is paid for advice only.

Our Model

Cordant utilizes a historic wealth management model that requires our team to be fully aligned with our clients, and focused on managing their wealth holistically. Our unique systems and technology allow us to manage, integrate, and measure both company and non-company assets and benefits. Cordant’s solutions are transparent and objective, so you have peace of mind that your wealth is well-managed.

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