Cordant empowers every financial decision with intention.

Financial results don’t happen by accident or luck alone.

At Cordant, we take an intentional approach to helping you realize the full potential of your wealth. The very foundation of our company is based on our mission of “intention.” It’s the core purpose of our business, driving every decision and action, and providing the foundation for how we approach our clients and our work.

Manage your wealth like a Business

We’ve built a strategic, intentional approach to wealth management based on strategies and best practices for running a successful business. Our approach empowers our clients to:

  • Understand your vision for the future
  • Build a strategic financial plan to meet your goals
  • Integrate your assets with your wealth strategy
  • Utilize systems and processes to support your wealth management operations

And because your goals and intentions may change over time, our approach and team is dynamic. We adapt your strategy to your evolving life plans.

Family Office Model

Download the Cordant Wealth Course to read about our financial process, and how we manage your wealth like a business. Or visit our Solutions page to learn about Cordant’s scope of services.

The Family Office Model

We provide individual investors access to the “family office model.” Historically, only the ultra-affluent (with hundreds of millions in assets) had the resources to create their own single family office that would manage all of the families’ affairs in a strategic, coordinated fashion. Through our approach and technology, Cordant provides similar family-office wealth management techniques and benefits to people with portfolios of $500k to $25m in investable assets.

Commitment to Fiduciary Duty

We’ve adopted the highest legal standard of care, choosing to act as an unwavering fiduciary in the best and exclusive interest of our clients. In addition to being regulated by the SEC, Cordant has built in additional transparency and safeguards for clients.


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