We help you realize your life and wealth goals.

Cordant specializes in wealth management for corporate employees, with a focus on Intel employees. We deliver an integrated approach to help clients with at least $500k in liquid assets accumulate, manage, protect, and share their wealth through a comprehensive suite of wealth management solutions.

Cordant Wealth

Our Philosophy

We’ve built our business on a historic wealth management model that requires our team to be fully aligned with our clients, and focused on managing their wealth holistically. We champion transparency and objectivity, helping you make every decision with intention, and work towards fulfilling your plan for life.

At Cordant, we believe:

  • Everyone should have access to a wealth management model that creates a clear financial path based on their own goals and direction for life.
  • Helping our clients answer the tough questions that have a significant impact in their lives is part of the job.
  • Questions like “How much do I need to retire?” or “Do I have enough to retire?” are not a destination—they are a milestone, and part of a larger conversation around wealth and life goals.
  • A clear direction, an informed strategy, and tactical expertise are essential factors in building a dynamic plan that supports smart investment decisions.
TEAM Ambassadors

Why Intel?

With more than 10 years of experience helping Intel employees manage their wealth, the Cordant team has deep expertise in the retirement, benefit, and compensation plans of Intel.

Our highly-skilled wealth planning and investment professionals deliver a broad array of investment, tax mitigation, income enhancing, and legacy planning services that align our clients’ direction with their vision for life. And our team of Cordant Ambassadors serves as a valuable resource for our partners and prospective clients.

Cordant’s intentional approach and deep expertise make us especially qualified to deliver wealth management advice and financial results for employees at Intel. And because we’ve structured our business to serve this clientele, our team is able to onboard Intel employees to our powerful model efficiently and effectively.