Who Steps Intel

Cordant helps employees at Intel navigate their options, delineate wealth objectives, and move confidently toward financial success.

By identifying long-term financial goals, optimizing the performance of your investment portfolio and reducing unnecessary costs, our holistic approach to wealth management helps to build and execute a comprehensive plan for your future.

We help our Intel clients:

  • Integrate & Manage Your Investments

    Every client wants to make the most of their money. We identify clients’ investment goals and optimal risk tolerance to develop a tailored strategy that maximizes your financial growth potential. We leverage years of experience working with Intel employees to seamlessly integrate your Intel assets (401k, BrokerageLink®, Retirement Contribution and SERPLUS) with your external assets, and to optimally manage your Stock Options, RSU’s and ESPP shares held in your UBS account.

    Wp Investment IntegrationOur ‘Investment Integration’ whitepaper walks through the process and benefits of a holistic approach to managing your Intel retirement plan assets – download it now, and discover what it takes to align your investment strategy with your goals for life.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Costs

    It is important to your bottom-line to pay attention to unwarranted costs. The Cordant team provides a clear picture of your total financial cost. We help clients reduce or, in some cases, eliminate expenses associated with certain investment vehicles and taxes.

    Wp Costs Managing WealthOur ‘Costs of Managing Wealth’ whitepaper walks through the three primary classifications of wealth management expense, along with key characteristics of each individual cost – download it now, and learn how to gain control over unnecessary fees.

  • Create a Comprehensive Financial Plan

    Taking a holistic view of your entire financial life can be tremendously beneficial. To help simplify the big picture, we created our custom Financial Blueprint, which helps Intel clients establish a financial vision, isolate individual objectives, and prioritize them – developing a strategic framework for building and preserving your wealth.

  • Utilize Straightforward Aggregate Performance Reporting

    Measuring your financial performance should never be a guessing game. Cordant leverages an aggregate reporting tool to track our client accounts – no matter where they are held – from a single point of access. View your consolidated holdings, tax information, and receive consolidated daily performance reportings – all in one convenient location.

  • Set a Plan for Retirement

    At Cordant, we believe that everyone should have confidence in their plans for retirement. In tandem with your Financial Blueprint, we leverage our technology to run extensive retirement scenario analyses for our clients at Intel, forecasting realistic spending habits, potential market fluctuations, and unplanned expenditures like long-term care planning and additional service needs upon retirement.

    WpvRetiring From IntelOur ‘Retiring from Intel’ whitepaper walks through the process and benefits of a strategic approach to retirement – download it now, and learn what you need in order to achieve a clear, comfortable retirement.


  • Navigate Company Benefits:

    Our distinct expertise working with Intel employees make us uniquely qualified to help you navigate Intel’s many corporate programs and benefits – including healthcare & SERMA, investment options (401k, BrokerageLink®, Retirement Contribution, SERPLUS, etc.), and retirement packages.

Interested in learning more? Visit ‘Our Solutions’ to learn about Cordant’s comprehensive suite of wealth management services for employees at Intel.